Great Report

Thanks to you and your team for a thoughtful, thorough and well documented inspection report. It's more detailed information than we've seen in the past. Much appreciated.
- Kelly Fischer TenEyck. HomeSmart Scottsdale.

Easy to Read

Thank you so much for the thorough report by Corky and yourself. Easy format to read and understand! Thank you.
- Lisa Fryer

Bought Site Unseen

Thank you for doing a very thorough job.I can say that I am very comfortable purchasing this after reading your report. I've never been to the property and won't see it until months after closing.
- Steve Burns & Tina Heath

Above and Beyond Expectations

I'm Ellen Strnod's husband (Shain) and was present during most of the home inspection process performed by Mr. Blume. I just wanted to briefly express my appreciation for Corky's thoughtful expertise, enthusiastic attitude, and willingness to go "above and beyond" my expectations by clearly explaining answers to questions I posed as well as offering numerous helpful options and suggestions regarding various improvements in efficiency, safety, longevity, aesthetics, et. al. -- for which I'm most grateful, having virtually no home construction experience.

Loved by Real Estate Agents

Corky's a credit to Pro Check and you're fortunate to have him working with you. Corky and I met briefly with two real estate agents (our agent and a friend from her office) and they were sufficiently impressed enough to express -- to me later -- interest in using Corky and Pro Check for future clients in the Prescott area.

Thorough Report

Thank you for the great work and comprehensive report!
(Robert) Shain Strnod, Foothill Ranch, CA